Physio BikeFIT

Cycling involves a complex interaction between body and bike.  Maximal enjoyment is achieved when both parts of the equation are maximised.  Physio BikeFit aims to enhance both body and bike mechanics for the benefit of the rider.  This is achieved by optomising performance efficiency and reducing the chance of injury.


At Back on Track all of our physiotherapists are experts at evaluating how the body moves, and assessing physical postures and behaviours which predispose our bodies to injury.  Our physios who have been specifically trained and certified in BikeFit apply this knowledge as they conduct the BikeFit assessment, ensuring that you are getting a service which is about so much more than merely fitting your bike to your body, but is also about doing this in a way which will optomise performace and efficiency, while limiting your predisposition to injury.


A Physio BikeFit at Back on Track involves:


A conversation around history of training load, current or previous pains/injuries, and current bike set up

Full body biomechanical screening and assessment

Assessment of neural tissue and any limitations in the neuromuscular relationship
Cycling specific body measurements (leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement control)
Specific static measurements of the bike and your body position on the bike
A dynamic analysis of cycling using advanced software and slow motion analysis


Each BikeFit includes a documented report detailing findings from the biomechanical assessment and any changes made or recommended to your bike set up.